Monday, March 4, 2013

The girl next door

The girl next door is watching Walk the Line.  I can hear it through my wall.  I've never met the girl. Once I saw her walk to her door when I was walking from the trash chute to the elevator.  We didn't speak; actually I only saw her walking the other direction.  But at least from that perspective she doesn't look half bad.  Even that being the case, and Walk the Line is quite a good film, I'm still not tempted to go talk to my new neighbor.  She smokes in her apartment and that seems like a major lifestyle choice.  I'm sure her place smells like cigarettes and all her stuff and it probably doesn't bother her at all.  It's worse than a girl who owns a bunch of cats.  I should make a list of Must-Nots in case I start Internet dating.  Girls on there will love that.

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