Tuesday, September 3, 2013


It must be odd to know that somewhere across the seas a man is lobbying his government for a legal sanctioning to bomb your government. I wonder if the Syrian government is watching the live video feed as Obama and now other congressmen have argued for attacking Syria. The have a lot at stake. It'd be like watching your own trial on tv and not having any representation in the actual courtroom. I had a emotionally draining interview with an attorney today. He spent 10 minutes talking about why I was interpreting the word "throttling" incorrectly. I finally told him that we're not going to agree on this point, and he was so very disappointed. Maybe his client had told him "convince him of that, or you're fired." I dunno. Sometimes I think attorneys just pretend to be upset for the sake of their client. Or they pretend to be incompetent or offended. They like to pretend it's personal. They live fake lives. Whatever the case, I'm not going to listen to a third rephrasing of the same poor argument, just because the attorney thinks its a good one. Possibly ruined an attorney's day, but I'm not gonna sweat over it. And I'm getting sick. Had a sore throat earlier, and now my arms are a bit sore to the touch. This is a bad month at work for getting sick also. Trivia team semi-finals tonight. I'm predicting a loss, but we should be in the top 5. (Not due to my contribution. I tend to be outvoted and my suggestions mysteriously overruled when I'm in the restroom. I'd be offended if I cared more. But I'd give you 1 to 20 odds that we lose, and the prize isn't even particularly exciting.) If we don't make top 5 then I'll just come home early and go to sleep. My immune system would appreciate that.

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